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What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping occurs when a supplier ships goods to their customer’s customer. In our case you are the direct customer of the wholesale supplier and IWGAC is the wholesale supplier. When you sell our product to your customer you then come to us and make the order. During checkout you instruct us at which address your customer resides. We then ship the order directly to your customer per the shipping address you designated on the order. We are a blind drop shipper. This means that the supplier doesn’t include any info about themselves in the shipment other than what is required by the shipping carrier. This of course is to help you protect your customer. As well, you will need to sign up to view pricing.

Why do some items have no shipping methods available to them?

The easiest way to see if an item can go to a particular address is to update the Ship To info and then add just that item to the cart. If there are no ship methods available then it can't be shipped to that location. Verify the ship to address with your customer.  Is it a P O Box or physical address.

How do I designate my customer's shipping address when I want you to drop ship the order for me?

During checkout you will be asked to submit a billing address, and a shipping address. When you want us to drop ship the order for you click on the "Ship to different address" link in the Address->shipping address section of the checkout process. If you are not drop shipping but rather shipping to yourself, as is the case with a standard wholesale purchase, then the billing address is sufficient. Please make sure to use the Continue buttons during checkout in order for the billing and shipping info to be saved correctly.

Where do I find tracking for my order once it has shipped?

Log in and click on Orders under My account on the homepage. Find your order in the list and click on the link in the ID column. Towards the top click on the shipment info link. You will find the tracking info there once we have shipped your order.

How can I pay for my order? What credit cards do you accept?

You can pay for your merchandise through PayPal, or you can use your Mastercard/Visa™, American Express, Discover, or bank debit cards.

How is shipping calculated?

All shipping options and amounts for your order will be displayed during checkout. Our system has the ability to provide realtime shipping rates for orders up to 125 lb. In order to provide you with the best shipping rates possible, orders over that amount will be billed for shipping after the order is packed. You will be notified during checkout which case applies to your order. If a realtime rate cannot be calculated you will see a message stating "Realtime shipping rates are unavailable for this weight. Shipping will be calculated and billed after the order is pulled." 

What is your return policy?

All return claims must be initiated within 15 business days of receipt of the order. Returns for any reason other than damaged or defective will have a 20% restocking fee and return shipping fees will not be refunded.  NEVER file a claim with FEDEX, that is for us to do. A proper claims process must be followed for your claim to be processed. Your customer or you, MUST take a digital photo of any and ALL damages within 15 days, AND a picture of the box. This photo must then be forwarded to claims@iwgac.com  so we can evaluate the damage and either refund or replace, OUR CHOICE. Advise ALL customers to report any BOX damage to the carrier, when the item arrives. If the customer refuses a shipment without going through the proper claims process, the 20% restocking fee will apply.

What if the item(s) drop shipped to my customer arrived damaged/defective?

As far as your customers are concerned, you are the person or company from which they made their purchase. They had enough confidence in you to make their purchase and expect you to resolve their concerns accordingly. Be sure to reply to their emails or correspondence in a timely manner (within 24 hours) and insure them their concerns are going to be addressed and resolved. Our goal is to be certain that your customers are completely satisfied. Although in business we can't please 100% of our customers, 100% of the time, we will work diligently to resolve any matters concerning an unsatisfied customer. You should never instruct your customer to return a defective or damaged item. We may send the replacement without requiring the return of the defective or damaged item at our discretion. The most cost effective resolution will be made through the claims process. In order to initiate a claim, log in and click on Orders under My account. Find the order number you wish to create a claim on and click the link in the ID column on the left. Then, click the `File a claim on this order` link on the top right of the Order info page. Select if it’s a replacement or refund, again the final choice will be at our discretion.  Check the items you are requesting to return, select the quantity, reason, and leave any necessary comments.  We will work with you to resolve the issue swiftly and professionally. Please remember that all claims must be initiated within 15 business days of receipt of the order. A picture of the damage must be submitted to claims@iwgac.com in addition to the above process.  Whenever possible the original shipping materials are to be saved for shipper inspection. USPS will sometimes request by letter that the damaged item(s) be taken in as proof. Due to them denying some insurance claims for lack of proof we have to delay the refund, or replacement on USPS claims until we're sure their requirements are met. 

What if I need to change the ship to address after placing my order?

We charge $15.00 to ATTEMPT to contact FedEx or USPS about address changes after a package has shipped. This does not apply to general address changes before a package has shipped. Please verify your address information before placing your order to avoid these charges.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally. We do NOT insure international orders.  International shipping is at your own risk. The following are countries we do not ship to due to high risk of fraud: 

AF Afghanistan
DZ Algeria
BY Belarus
BJ Benin
CM Cameroon
CF Central African Republic
CG Congo
CI Cote D'Ivoire
DJ Djibouti
ER Eritrea
EE Estonia
ET Ethiopia
GA Gabon
GH Ghana
GU Guam
GN Guinea
HU Hungary
ID Indonesia
IR Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IQ Iraq
LV Latvia
LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
LT Lithuania
MG Madagascar
MY Malaysia
MR Mauritania
MA Morocco
NG Nigeria
PH Philippines
RE Reunion
RO Romania
RU Russian Federation
TH Thailand
TG Togo
TN Tunisia
UG Uganda
UA Ukraine
YU Yugoslavia

How do I obtain pictures/descriptions for my website or auction postings?

With an International Wholesale Gifts & Collectibles account you will receive exclusive "Rights Of Usage" for all the photos and descriptions contained within our web site. This makes it simple and convenient for everyone to advertise their new product line on online auctions, their website, and the Internet. There are two ways that you can obtain pictures and descriptions. The simplest method is to copy them manually from the site. You can highlight the descriptions and copy/paste them into a document on your computer, and right-click the large image and save it using the menus and features of your browser. The browser commands to do this are currently named Save Image As…, or Save Link As… depending on your browser. This works well for a small number of items but is time consuming if you are interested in selling a large number of our items. A better way to go for bulk processing of product data is to use the data feed that we update daily. It can be found under the Information section in the right column of the site after registering and logging in. Within this file you will find the paths to the images and all product info necessary for uploading to most systems. Computer programmers can parse this data to automatically load softwares programmatically. Currently this file is updated once a day at 11am Central. We also publish a daily zip file of all images located in the same place.

Some have asked how they obtain weight on our items. It can be found in the feed mentioned here.

Do you require a minimum order amount or can I simply purchase one item at a time for my customer?

We do not require you to purchase a minimum quantity or minimum dollar amount for items that we house. That is why we're here!  We want to be able to provide you with the resources you would not normally be able to acquire. Purchase 1 item, or purchase 100 items...it's entirely up to you. 

What does the packing list sent to my customer look like?

Our name will not appear on the packing list. It will contain the bar code, order number, date, Bill to (dealer info - name, company name, and email address only), Ship To information you provide, payment method, item code and description. There will not be any prices disclosed on the packing list, including shipping.

How will my customer know the products I order are from my company and not IWGAC?

Our merchandise is sent to the address you request in your shopping cart checkout. We have a warehouse from which we do all shipping.  It is located in Marionville, Missouri.  When our warehouse packages your item, it is packaged in a plain shipping box. There is a packing slip included on the package that only has you and your customers information on it.  You will also receive your invoice via email after you place an order.  The return address on your customer’s package will read as follows:

IWGAC - Fulfillment Center
30 E. Washington Marionville, MO 65705

Your customer will never see the business name International Wholesale Gifts & Collectibles, LLC. We must use our return address due to security and shipping company regulations regarding packages as well as returned merchandise. You may have even received merchandise from a drop shipping company in the past and never known it.

Do I have to charge sales tax on orders you ship to my customer?

Unfortunately, this question would also have to be addressed by the government of the state which you reside in. We do have to charge a 8.35% Sales Tax on all shipments directly to all residents of Missouri and do so accordingly. If your customer resides in Missouri, we will charge you sales tax based upon your wholesale purchase price. We will report that to the state. You in turn will charge your customer the sales tax and keep it to offset the tax charged by us.

Computer errors

Errors in calculations by the computer for shipping and or adding prices is rare, however, if and when it occurs the customer agrees to pay any corrected fees. These are not extra fees, but the proper amount that should have been charged. It is up to you the customer to keep up with stock, price, status, or description changes.  If the computer over charges you for shipping we do issue refunds at our discretion. 

This is a Wholesale & Drop Ship Website for Resellers & Store Owners. We Supply eBayers, Websites, Store Owners, etc.  Use of this site constitutes customer agreement to all terms of use, return policies & standard policies.