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WesternWare Glass Candle Holder Set of 2

CODE: 0172-3001

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WesternWare Glass Candle Holder set of 2 - 'Young Cheyenne Boy 1880'. Frosted glass. Measure 3"H x 3"w x 3"D. WesternWare brings to life the history of the American West through everyday living. About the photographer: L.A. Huffman (1894-1931) Laton Alton Huffman is perhaps the most significant photographer in the West, particularly in the Montana - Wyoming region. He learned photography as an understudy of F. J. Haynes, the famous photographer of Yellowstone National Park. In 1879 Huffman replaced S. J. Morrow as post photographer at Fort Keogh Montana Territory, just two years after Custer's Fight at the Little Big Horn Battlefield. In 1880, Huffman opened his first studio in Miles City, Montana Territory, where he became well known for his photography and artistically documented an era gone by. L.A. Huffman's camera captured the Cowboy and Native American culture, the buffalo herds, the burgeoning cattle and sheep industry. His legacy provides us with life portraiture of the Northern Plains and the pioneering aspects of the area - ranch life, wildlife, frontier town views and Yellowstone National Park. L.A. Huffman is cited as one of the most important photographers of the West. Renowned Western artists Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington painted from Huffman's vintage photographs. His photography provides a glimpse into the memorable history of frontier America. WesternWare brings to life the history of the American West through everyday living.

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